Gree Air Curtains Wall Mounted Type


The air curtain incorporates a transverse current fan that generates a flow of air at high speed with direction falling. Your installation, on the top of doors or windows, insulates the inside of the exterior reducing the loss of air conditioning inside. It allows to prevent the entry of insects and dust inside. The models are made of galvanized steel frame, equipped with a high speed Reliable motor. Available in 0.9m & 1.2m.







Energy Savings

By providing environmental separation between indoor and outdoor temperatures, recent studies have shown that by fitting an air curtain you can save up to 33% of your HVAC running costs. Pay back for some commercial applications can be as little as 21 weeks.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Gree Air Curtains prevent dust, dirt and fumes from infiltrating and contaminating indoor areas.

Lower Construction Costs

With the use of Gree Air Curtains architects can design a building without vestibules, which can save on construction costs and provide more retail floor space.

Improved Working Conditions

Keeps out ambient air at door openings and re-circulates conditioned air from ceiling to floor for more comfortable working conditions.





  • Optimized cross flow fan with a high performance motor
  • Anti-corrosion protection thanks to a two sided electro galvanized metal case.
  • Integrated electric components for easy maintenance.
  • Microprocessor control with greater reliability and a long service life.
  • High performance cross flow fan blade with 3D optimized streamlining.
  • Remote controlled operation.




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