1 Way Cassette

One-way cassette are unique devices not only in Gree GMV offer, but also on the wide VRF market. They require an extremely low ceiling height (185 mm), so they can be installed in most such places. The advantages of the units are also a built-in condensate pump and easy installation. Thanks to many protections (overflow of water, freezing, fan motor, overload, temperature sensor) they are extremely reliable. The hallmark of the device is its quiet and efficient operation and wide possibilities of both individual and central control.

On way cassette indoor units can be used with MINI VRF or Modular VRF Outdoor units for superior Cooling and/or Heating performance. The possibility of connecting to the hotel card port, which turns the device on and off.

Range :2.2kW [ 7,507 BTU/hr] to 5.0 kW [ 17,060 Btu/hr]

Small Installation Space

With 185mm ultra-thin design, unit can be installed in the ceiling of 19mm deep.


Detachable grille and long-life filter

Grille is detachable for easy cleaning. With durable filter, cleaning cycle is 20 times longer.


High Drain Pump lift

Drain pump lift reaches 1.0m, which can effectively drain out water.


Protection function

Water overflow protection, anti-freezing protection, fan motor overload protection, temperature sensor malfunction protection.

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