About Us

We are the leaders of air conditioning industry

BT Commercial Limited is a dynamic and diversified company and prides itself in providing products of renowned brands in the field of heating, ventilation and environmentally friendly energy solutions.

BT Commercial Limited is committed to quality, integrity and professionalism as it firmly believes that this is beneficial to customers, suppliers, partners and the success of the company. The group workforce includes more than 100 direct employees and more than 300 subcontractors.

Our key strategic imperative is the continuous improvement of our customer experience. We are now also supporting an international clientele. 

Our Strategy

Continous improvement in customer satisfaction

Investment in new premises to ensure an improved and enhanced customer experience.

Continuous training and development of our staff focused on exceeding customer expectations.

Aftersales service considered an integral element in the customer experience journey.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Branding and marketing designed to provide the customer with an honest and fair presentation of our product and service offering.

Significant investment in warehousing facilities. A policy regarding stock holding and spare parts to service the demands of our local and international customers.

Product Range

High efficiency air-conditioning systems for domestic and industrial use

Renewable energy solutions

Ventilation and purification systems

Water heating for domestic and industrial needs

Domestic appliances

Refrigeration solutions offered through a subsidiary company

New Premises & Showroom

BT Group ventured into the property sector in 2008, through a number of joint venture projects, with established names in the industry.

BT Group’s own new premises, The Watercourse in Mrieħel, includes offices, showroom and stores for own use as well as extensive office space for rental. The premises is fitted out to the highest standards with a focus on energy efficiency and eco-friendly elements incorporated in the design.

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