Gree Heat Pump Water Heater Versati III Monobloc Type

The Monobloc system facilitates its installation by not having an indoor unit. Its ultra-efficient double stage compressor is able to generate hot water at an exit temperature up to 60 ° C to be distributed through radiant floors,
radiators, fan coils, or to generate ACS. It has powers ranging from 4 kW to 14.5 kW. It’s a heat pump, with a Class A +++ energy efficiency, ideal for apartments, single-family houses, etc.


  • Energy saving: It adopts solar energy to heat up water, which is more energy saving.
  • High leaving water temperature: Gree unique 2-stage enthalpy-adding compressor is adopted, ensuring the leaving water temperature as high as 60℃.
  • Smart dual-temperature detection control technology: ON and OFF control is realized by upper and lower temperature sensors, which can renew water temperature in real time, thus ensuring the perfect timing of startup. Hot water yielding rate and hot water use rate are both improved.
  • Heat pump technology: Versati II+ (Monobloc Type) is designed based on heat pump technology. It extracts heat from outside air and increases temperature for domestic heating purpose. It can greatly reduce energy consumption and CO2 emission.

  • Floor debugging function.
  • Integrated structure, simple installation, less installation cost.
  • R32 refrigerant, low GWP
  • Adopt two-stage compressor to widen the ambient temperature range for heating.
  • Leaving water temperature up to 60, applicable to various heating terminals.

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