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Dive into comfort with the Gree Small-sized Swimming Pool Heat Pump—an integrated, highly efficient air-to-water unit. Featuring a titanium heat exchanger for exceptional corrosion resistance and an extended service life. This heat pump, with a heating capacity from 2 to 18.8 kW, is ideal for family swimming pools covering 20 to 95m³. Maintain daily water and SPA temperatures between 26~30℃ and below 40℃. Experience pool perfection with Gree’s Swimming Pool Heat Pump.




*The below prices do not include any installation, pipework, or other accessories. Installation is to be quoted accordingly, depending on the pool water circulation system.


Discover Year-Round Comfort with Gree’s Small-sized Swimming Pool Heat PumpSwimming Pool HP Poster

Enjoy year-round pool comfort with Gree’s Small-sized Swimming Pool Heat Pump. This integrated air-to-water heat pump unit is crafted for efficiency and durability, featuring a titanium heat exchanger with exceptional anti-corrosion performance for an extended service life.

With a heating capacity ranging from 2 to 18.8kW, this heat pump is ideally suited for family swimming pools covering an area of 20 to 95m³. Revel in optimal daily water temperatures and SPA water temperatures between 26~30℃ and below 40℃, ensuring a serene and pleasurable aquatic oasis.

Gree’s unwavering dedication to quality and innovation shines through in this compact yet powerful heat pump, delivering the ideal solution for maintaining your pool at the perfect temperature. Unleash a new level of pool enjoyment with Gree’s Swimming Pool Heat Pump — where comfort meets efficiency for the ultimate aquatic experience!

Featuring R32 DC Inverter Technology, Multi-function Intelligent Control, Compact Design & Easy Maintenance, and Anti-corrosion properties, this heat pump exemplifies Gree’s commitment to cutting-edge technology and user-friendly design. Experience the perfect blend of performance and convenience.

*Gree reserves the right to modify the specifications without prior notice, please confirm the final specifications with sales representatives.


1. The recommended maximum pool volume is based on the ideal heating conditions: the pool is well shaded, the filtration system runs for 15h per day, the water temperature is maintained at 26 C, and the ambient temperature ≥28 C.

2. The model selection should be comprehensively evaluated according to water refill temperature, wind speed on the surface of the swimming pool, ambient temperature, etc. If the ambient temperature is below 15°C, it is suggested to add the secondary heat source for auxiliary heating to improve comfort.

R32 DC Inverter Technology

The pool heat pump uses R32 DC Inverter Technology, including a DC inverter fan, compressor, and electronic expansion valve. This setup maintains a steady pool temperature and enhances energy efficiency. It's a reliable and efficient solution for pool heating.


Multi-function Intelligent Control

ControllerDisplay board: ON/OFF, Cooling, Heating, AUTO, Timer, Energy saving mode, Fast heating, etc.

WiFi (on Gree+ APP): ON/OFF, Cooling, Heating, AUTO, Timer, Energy saving mode, Fast heating, etc.


Compact Design & Easy Maintenance

The Gree swimming pool heat pump boasts a sleek appearance and compact structure, thanks to the dedicated fan heat exchange system and three-dimensional layout of the electronic control system. This design ensures a concise look and facilitates easy maintenance.



The Gree swimming pool heat pump incorporates a seamless titanium tube for the waterside and a rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC) outer shell. This design ensures high acid resistance, excellent alkali resistance, and exceptional corrosion resistance. With low fluid resistance, it is especially suitable for the heat exchange of frequently disinfected swimming pool water.

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