When the Australian Antarctic Division decided to examine whether solar power would be an efficient way or not to power a station in Antarctica (the most extreme weather conditions in the planet), they had to use only the best quality in the world…they had to use aleo solar!

Masdar and the Australian Antarctic Division (@AusAntarctic, #AusAntarctic) after several months of evaluation, they chose aleo and successfully installed the first PV system in the Australian Antarctica Casey Research Station.

  • This is the largest PV system ever built in Antarctica.
  • Standard panel aleo 305wp Monocrystaline (PERC technology) was used for this project.
  • The wind speeds in Research Station can reach 300 km/h.
  • The average temperature varies from -10 degrees Celsius to -60 degrees Celsius depending the time of year.
  • Casey Research Station is the third Antarctic station in Australia and opened in 1969, after Mawson Station in 1954 and Davis Station in 1957.
  • This project demands an uninterrupted operation guaranteed for 25 years and thus zero tolerance in failure.
  • All aleo PV modules are accompanied with 25 years product warranty and guarantees are valid regardless location and weather conditions.

aleo solar once again stands on its commitment: High-power solar energy, reliable and efficient.

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