Gree Soyal Wall Mounted Type Air Conditioners


Discover the GREE Soyal Wall mounted air conditioner – where style meets performance. Enjoy year-round comfort in your living or working space with this sleek and efficient air conditioner. With advanced technology, it provides powerful cooling and heating, while its quiet operation ensures a peaceful environment.

Save on energy bills with its energy-efficient design and easily control your comfort with user-friendly settings. Upgrade your space with the GREE Soyal for stylish and reliable climate control. Experience comfort like never before.



Residential: 5 Years Parts & Labour *

* Warranty Extension:

To UPGRADE WARRANTY from 5years to 7years, you can purchace it by visiting here, or purchase it from our showroom. Warranty extension applies only for residential wall-mounts and floor-standing installations.



Introducing the GREE Soyal Wall-mounted air conditioner – the perfect combination of style and performance! Elevate the comfort of your living or working space with this sleek and compact air conditioner that seamlessly blends into any interior, adding a touch of sophistication.

Equipped with advanced technology, Gree Soyal ensures powerful cooling during scorching summers and efficient heating on frosty winter days, providing year-round comfort to suit your needs. Say goodbye to temperature fluctuations and hello to consistent indoor bliss.

Soyal takes pride in its whisper-quiet operation, allowing you to enjoy a tranquil environment without any disturbing noise. Whether you’re working, relaxing, or sleeping, Soyal maintains a peaceful atmosphere that promotes undisturbed focus and relaxation.

Not only does Soyal excel in performance, but it also champions energy efficiency. By optimizing power usage, it not only helps you save money on utility bills but also reduces your carbon footprint, contributing to a greener and more sustainable future for all.

Setting up and operating Soyal is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly controls and intuitive settings. Adjusting the temperature, fan speed, and airflow direction to your liking is as effortless as can be, ensuring a customized and personalized experience tailored to your preferences.

Upgrade your space with the GREE Soyal Wall-mounted air conditioner and transform it into a stylish and comfortable haven. Enjoy the perfect temperature control, experience significant cost savings, and actively participate in the preservation of our environment. The Soyal is here to redefine your indoor comfort and exceed your expectations. Embrace a new level of comfort with the Soyal today!







Detailed Design

  • The GREE Soyal Wall-mounted air conditioner boasts a fish-tail-lined aesthetic design that resembles the beauty of a fish's tail.
  • Its rippled air inlet design creates layers of ripples, inspired by a fish jumping into water.
  • A silvered decoration strip adds a touch of elegance and nobility.
  • The heat source induction system automatically adjusts the swing angle for optimal airflow.
  • Enjoy independent left and right swing options, along with six orientations and two automatic swing modes.
  • The upgraded air guide louver provides an enhanced and ample air supply.
  • Experience the meticulous design of the GREE Soyal for a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Various air supply modes with human induction

The GREE Soyal Wall-mounted air conditioner offers various air supply modes with human induction, providing personalized and efficient cooling.

  • Intelligent Eye: The Soyal features a heat source sensing system with a high-quality sensor. With its 8x8 matrix 64-pixel high-definition infrared probe, it detects heat sources accurately. The sensor has a mechanical rotation angle of 180° during the detection period, offering an effective viewing angle of 120°.
  • Gree Innovative Heat Source Induction Air Supply Technology: This advanced technology monitors the number of people in the room and their locations in real time. It automatically adjusts the swing angle based on preset settings and air conditioner usage habits. It offers a variety of swing working modes to cater to individual needs.
Air supply mode types include:

  1. Air Supply Follows People: The air conditioner adjusts the airflow direction to follow the movements of people in the room, providing cooling exactly where it is needed.
  2. Air Supply Avoids People: This mode adjusts the swing angle to avoid blowing air directly at individuals, ensuring a comfortable and non-intrusive cooling experience.
  3. Surrounded Air Supply: The Soyal creates a surround air supply effect, distributing cool air evenly throughout the room for consistent comfort.
  4. Energy-Saving Operation when Nobody in the Room: When no one is present in the room, the air conditioner automatically switches to energy-saving mode, optimizing energy consumption and reducing unnecessary cooling.

Eight kinds of air supply ways

The GREE Soyal Wall-mounted air conditioner offers a versatile range of air supply options, providing optimal airflow distribution for your comfort.

With its original zoning independent air supply system, the Soyal enables independent control of two groups of left and right swing louvers. This allows for precise control over the airflow direction, achieving a total of eight different air supply modes.

The six directional air supply modes include:

  1. Left-side ultra-wide-angle air supply
  2. Right-side ultra-wide-angle air supply
  3. Left wing-angle air supply
  4. Right wide-angle air supply
  5. Mid-directional air supply
  6. Left and right reversed wide-angle air supply
In addition to these directional modes, the Soyal also offers two automatic swing modes:

  1. Fan-shaped swing
  2. Butterfly-wing swing

Big upgraded motion air guide louver

The GREE Soyal Wall-mounted air conditioner features an upgraded big-motion air guide louver, providing enhanced air distribution and improved performance.

With the zoning-independent air supply system, the air is supplied in a diversified manner, allowing for separate cold and warm air distribution. This system also ensures a wider and more even air supply throughout the room.

Key features of the upgraded air guide louver include:

  1. Strength Enhancement: The air guide louver is formed using multiple layers of materials, making it more reliable and durable.
  2. Large Size: The air guide louver is designed to be long and wide, effectively increasing the distance of air supply.
  3. Wider Air Supply: Inside the air guide louver, a wave band is added to achieve a wide-range, soft air supply, ensuring a broader coverage area.
  4. Cooling Mode: In cooling mode, the big air guide louver moves upward, allowing cool air to be blown out horizontally towards the top. This top-down airflow achieves efficient and refreshing cooling.
  5. Heating Mode: In heating mode, the big air guide louver moves downward, directing warm air to be blown out horizontally towards the bottom. This bottom-up airflow ensures effective and comfortable heating.

High Energy Efficiency

The Soyal is designed with energy efficiency in mind, helping you save on energy consumption and reduce your carbon footprint. It optimizes power usage while providing excellent cooling or heating performance.

Low Noise Operation

Enjoy a peaceful and quiet environment with the Soyal's noise level as low as 18 dB. Whether you're working, resting, or sleeping, the Soyal ensures minimal noise disruption for maximum comfort.


With the GREE+ mobile app, you have complete control over your Soyal air conditioner. From adjusting settings to programming schedules, you can conveniently manage and monitor your unit from your smartphone or tablet. Stay in control of your comfort wherever you are.

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