GREE Verty Dehumidifier


Intelligent Dehumidification & Triple Purification

GREE Verty Dehumidifiers are available in 30 litres.



Triple Purification

Verty FiltersSafe life guarded by Verty

Tipping Switch

Verty has a built-in sensor to monitor the vertical state of the machine in real time. Once it topples, it will stop running and give an alarm to avoid damaging the core components.

Child Lock

Users can long-press the “Light” button to enable/ disable the child lock function. This is to prevent children or pets from operating the machine by mistake.

Shutdown in case of overflow

The unit has a magnetic sensor at the top of the water tank that can monitor the water level in real time. When the water tank is full, the unit will give an alarm and shut down in time to avoid overflow.

Fire prevention

Multiple protections with Verty, such as DC motor under-voltage/overheating/over-current protection, compressor overload protection and the all-metal electrical box, ensuring safe and stable operation.


Healthy life starts from Verty

Verty air quality indicator

Ion Purification

Through high-voltage electrode discharge, Verty can ionize the air and generate a large number of positive and negative ion guards H+ and 02-, forming an army of plasma. The plasma sterilizes the air and finally generates harmless substances such as water and restores the fresh air.

Moisturize the skin and protect the clothes

A high concentration of cold plasma can form a water-retaining film on the surface of the skin, keeping the skin soft, smooth and moist. The positive and negative ion groups penetrate into the fabric of clothes, eliminate mites, and remove mildew, oil fumes and other unpleasant smells.

Safe and secure

The cold plasma high-voltage emitter meets the standard of accessible live parts, with no electric shock risk.


Wifi Intelligent Connection, Immediate Dehumidification

Energy Saving, Class 1 Energy Efficiency

Verty with wifi integration Verty can be connected with WiFi to realize intelligent interconnection. Even if it is thousands of miles away, you can easily switch on and off the unit, adjust the operation and timing, and check the real-time status through the app on your mobile phone.


Verty efficiency graph By adopting a high-efficiency condensing system, the energy efficiency ratio of Verty is up to 2.88, which is 20.0% higher than the class 1 energy efficiency standard. With only 1 kWh, the unit can extract as much as 5 bottles of water (at 27 °C, RH60%).














Main Colour


Display Colour


Dehumidification Capacity L/D


Power Supply Ph, V, Hz


Power Input W


Rated Current A


Air Flow Volume m3/h


Water Tank Volume L


Sound Pressure Level dB(A)(SH/H/M/L)


Outline Dimension WxHxD mm


Package Dimension WxHxD mm


Net Weight/ Gross Weight kg


Loading Quantity sets

















Verty display on The large touch screen with soft LED light is clear to see day and night, the buttons are sensitive and easy to control. Verty display design Frosted top cover, exquisite texture.
Verty bin capacity Large capacity visible water tank of 5.5L, with a clear look of remaining water; the top cover can be removed easily for the convenience of water tank cleaning. Verty wheels Universal wheels, convenient for movement.
Verty external drain hose  External drain hose, continuous drainage is available. Verty recessed handles Smooth body for easy cleaning; Recessed handles for easy moving.


Light and touch sound turn off

Light and touch sound can be turned off to ensure a comfortable sleep.

Automatic defrost

If the evaporator is frosted, Verty can defrost automatically and continue to run.

Reminder to clean the filter screen

When the filter screens need to be cleaned, Verty will automatically remind the user.


Verty can be preset to start up or shut down 24 hours in advance.


In case of fault, Verty will self-diagnose, display the fault code, and offer solutions to users.















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