The increased efficiency of the EiGER series modules allows a reduction in the cost of investment in photovoltaics. Additional advantages include:

  • reduction of snow/wind loads on the roof
  • space saving
  • saving on steel structure installation
  • savings in the use of cables
  • shorter installation time


Swiss Solar IBEX 108MHC-EiGER 700W Coming Soon






All SWISS SOLAR products are manufactured only based on half-cell technology. Modules assembled from such cells are characterized by:

  • Low resistive transmission loss
  • Higher shading efficiency due to the design solutions (parallel connection of cell strings inside the module)
  • Durability: small cells are less susceptible to linear expansion when heated.

Exclusive Packaging

Exclusive packaging created by our designers and engineers for the safe and reliable delivery of solar modules. Stylish packaging sets the product apart from otherSs. To be part of SWISS SOLAR AG is to always be ahead.

Half-cut cell technology

Half-cut cell modules have three main benefits over conventional modules:

1. Lower Energy Losses:

By using half-cells, the electrical current (i) flowing in each busbar is halved. Therefore, the amount of internal losses in a half-cut module is 1/4 of
a full-sized cell module.

2. Lower Shading Loss:

Shading loss of half-cell is improved compared to a regular module in specific shading conditions.

3. Multi-Busbar Technology – Lower Microcrack Loss:

  • Cell efficiency improved by 0.4%
  • Current transmission path reduced by 50%
  • Micro crack loss effectively reduced







  Positive power tolerance (0+5W) guaranteed

  Lower operation temperature.

Hight module conversion efficiency (up to 21.06%) benefit from Passivated Emmiter Rear Contact (PERC) technology design with black frame option

Aesthetic design. Uniformity appearance, aesthetic reliable. Less hot spot heating risk, make the module more efficient.

  30 years linear performance warranty

  20 years manufacturer’s warranty






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