LAFFIS – Gree Portable Type


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The GREE LAFFIS portable will provide heating and cooling all year round.  It is sleek in style with a curved surface and can be easily moved around. The GREE LAFFIS is suitable for small areas like home, server rooms, small offices, conservatories and more.

It dehumidifies up to 1 litre of moisture per hour which in turn reduces dust, smoke and pollen leaving a cleaner environment for all.  It has three speeds and the mode can be changed easily by using a wireless remote controller or the easy-to-use control panel.

Elegant Appearance
  • Sleek as laffis, a curve surface gives an elegant impression
Heating Pump
  • Heating pump is available to meet your needs for both cooling and heating (for 12K)
Flexible Castor
  • Easy for movement

The unit is on roller caster wheels to enable easy transport from one area to another, the unit needs to be positioned near an external wall / window to vent the condenser exhaust duct to atmosphere.

  • TIMER: the timer causes the ac to start or stop working at specific times.
  • SELF-DIAGNOSIS: the units show error code automatically to the facilitate maintenance when it doesn’t work well.
  • AUTO CLEAN (X-Fan): Cross fan continues blowing to dry inside of indoor unit after switching off the unit, so as to keep clean and healthy
  • DEHUMIDIFIER: This feature reduces and maintains the level of humidity in the air,
  • AUTO RESTART: Auto clean Function will prevent growth of harmful micro-organisms by eliminating the moisture inside of the indoor unit.

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