Marine Type – Gree

SKU:9,000Btu/hr - 16,000Btu/hr

Gree Marine Air Conditioner for yachts and boats are available in 3 different models: 9000/12000/16000 BTU and these units has 360 degree air blowing with LCD display of operation status.

  • 360 degree air blowing.
  • Outlay electric box for easy installation & maintenance.
  • Low start-up current, thanks to power delay control design. Forced operation available for emergency situation.
  • LCD display of operation status.
  • Highly anti-corrosion special spray processing on the complete unit.
  • Nickel-Copper tube-in-tube heat exchanger for sea water side.
  • All-copper Ned tube heat exchanger for air side.
  • Only one PCB for the entire control and minimize cable connections, with higher reliability and also easier maintenance.

  • Golden Fin Condenser
  • Inner Groove copper
  • Washable filters
  • Quite function
  • Compact design
  • °C / °F Switch

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