Gree Multi VRF Systems Low Static Duct Indoor Unit

The GREE Low Static Pressure Duct Unit is ideal for small rooms or those with limited installation space. The wide power range (from 2.2 kW to 14.0 kW) are suitable both in small and large areas. Thanks to the distribution of supply air through ventilation ducts in premises with an area of ​​over 100 m2, there is no so-called “Dead tops”. The compact design and small dimensions of these devices enable installation of the entire installation in the suspended ceiling space. The advantage of low-pressure channel units are energy-saving construction solutions and quiet operation of the unit.



*5 Years Parts & Labour, subject to a periodical maintenance agreement. Any system. If no mandatory periodical maintenance agreement – 3 years Parts and Labour


Low Static Concealed duct unit can be combined with Mini/ Slim/ Modular VRF Outdoor units for Cooling and/or Heating performance. Standard equipped with a condensate drain pump. The small dimensions of the devices make them easier to assemble.

Range :2.2kW [ 7,507 BTU/hr] to 14.0 kW [ 47,768 BTU/hr]

Low Static pressure, low noise:

Especially suitable for rooms of compact structure or small installation space. Also, it provides you with a comfortable and quiet living environment.

Convenient installation:
Tab type plastic filter, detachable fan motor, independent water pump assembly and electric box assembly, all for convenient maintenance.

Intelligent drainage device
Water height difference up to 1000mm, which can effectively drain out condensing water and save space.

Protection function
Water overflow protection, anti-freezing protection, fan motor overload protection, temperature sensor malfunction protection.

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