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Gree Juno Split Type Heat Pump Water Heater


Gree split type water heater offers you with sufficient hot water, ensuring warm and comfortable life to each family. Its installation is convenient and it is applicable for a family of 1 to 4 members.
The heat pump uses refrigeration technology to heat up water, Heat pumps in Malta can be 2 or 3 times more energy efficient than conventional electric resistance water heaters. It works like a refrigerator but in reverse cycle.


Product Introduction

Gree JUNO high-temperature spilt type air source water heater is specially designed for high-temperature water demand in European areas. Its maximum water yielding temperature is up to 70 ℃. The unit adopts hermetic rotary compressor which is specially for heat pump and microchannel highly efficient heat exchanger, which are high-efficiency and energy-saving. The unit adopts R134a eco-friendly refrigerant, and according to the European Union EN16147, (EU) No 814-2013 testing standard, its COP is up to 2.9 and water heating efficiency is up to 110%, which meets the A class standard. This unit can be widely applied to residential buildings, villas and other locations.

 Safe and Reliable

  1. Multiple protection design
    The product possesses an intelligent auto-detection function to conduct auto temperature control, electric leakage switch protection, anti-dry burnt protection, etc. for safer operation.
  1.  Self-designed water tank
    The water tank possesses high bearing pressure capacity with SUS304L high-quality stainless steel thick inner pot. It adopts empty containing cavity design and wash-out valve design to effectively solve the pressure variation problem of thermal expansion and contraction, which can ensure the reliability and durability of water tank.
  1. Magnesium pole rot proof design
    The water tank is equipped with a rot-proof magnesium pole to improve the rot-proof performance of the inner pot and extend the service life of the equipment.


 Intelligent Control

  1. Ultra-thin touch wired controller
    Humanized control interface for more flexible control. It is easier to be handled with child lock, auto restart, sterilization and other practical functions.
  1. Intelligent control logic
    Its i-KNOW intelligent learning function can provide the user a more comfortable using experience according to the user’s water using habit.
  1. Freely switch among different modes
    The product can provide five modes of standard heating, energy-saving, timer, night and preset for selection, which can satisfy user’s different requirements.

Product Features

High-efficiency and Energy-saving

  1. Gree self-developed special compressor for water heater
    The unit adopts Gree self-developed special compressor for heat pump. It’s with higher efficiency of motor, better hermetic structure and stronger rotary intensity, which can sustain high temperature and high pressure for high-efficiency and reliable operation.
  2. Self adapting control technology of electronic expansion valve
    The unit adopts unique self adapting control arithmetic that the system can automatically adjust the throttling degree according to the ambient temperature and water temperature, so as to achieve precise control of refrigerant for the best running status of system and high efficiency.
  3. High-efficiency microchannel heat exchange technology
    The water tank adopts microchannel heat exchange tube to increase the contact area between the heat exchanger and inner pot of water tank at utmost, which can improve the coefficient of heat transfer and heat exchange capacity.
  1. High-efficiency insulation foaming layer design
    The water tank adopts 45mm high-efficiency insulation foaming layer for 360° overall 3D heat preservation, which can better preserve the heat inside the water tank for less heat loss.


Comfortable Experience

  1. Double temperature sensors design
    The water tank is equipped with two temperature sensors for overall adjustment of water temperature through precise ON/OFF control, to ensure the constant supply of hot water.
  1. High water temperature design
    When the unit is generating heat with heat pump only, the highest water yielding temperature can be up to 70℃, which can prevent breeding bacteria and guarantee the water sanitation.
  1. Overall 3D heat exchange design
    By adopting high-efficiency micro channel heat exchanger with coil pipe in the bottom, it can achieve sufficient utilization of heat energy and even distribution of water temperature.
  1. Distributed water injection design
    The water tank adopts distributed water injection in the bottom for reducing the turbulence of hot water in the water tank when replenishing water, so as to ensure sufficient hot water in water tank.
  1. New high-end appearance design
    It’s delicate and fashionable with unique appearance design for satisfying indoor decoration requirements of users.

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