Gree VRF Systems High Static Duct Type Indoor Unit

GREE High Static Pressure Big Duct Types work well wherever large cooling power is required and air is supplied to distant rooms (up to 200 Pa). Thanks to the built-in silent operation and a wide range of controllers (remote controls, wired and central controls, BMS control), this unit is extremely comfortable to use and use. A built-in condensate pump, the possibility of installing ventilation ducts with a circular or rectangular cross-section, as well as the choice of air return are a facilitation for the installers. Energy-saving and modern elements of the unit make the device work efficiently and at the same time quietly and energy-efficient.



*5 Years Parts & Labour, subject to a periodical maintenance agreement. Any system. If no mandatory periodical maintenance agreement – 3 years Parts and Labour


High Static Concealed duct unit can be combined with MINI VRF or Modular VRF Outdoor units for Cooling and/or Heating performance. Standard equipped with a condensate drain pump. The device is able to achieve high pressure, which makes it possible to supply air to even the farthest rooms

 Range :5.6kW [ 19,107 BTU/hr] to 28.0 kW [ 95,536 BTU/hr]

High static pressure design:

Static pressure can be up to 150Pa, especially suitable for places in need of long-distance airflow.

Protection function:

Anti-freezing protection, temperature sensor malfunction protection, fan motor overload protection.

Easy Maintenance:

The system has maintenance port for easy maintenance.

Convenient installation:

You can choose circular air duct or rectangular air duct according to actual needs. Or you can choose different ways of air return.

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