Gree Super Free Match Outdoor Unit

GREE Super Free Match is the latest generation of Multiple Inverter Air Conditioner, which is connectable up to 9 indoors and offers rich choices of indoor units for different decoration requirement.


Gree Super Free Match Outdoor Unit offers high energy efficient and steady operation. This model offers also highly comfort and low sound level to suit modern living environment. Developped with R-410A has been the refrigerant of choice in Europe. This refrigerant is the first introduced in the mid-90s as a replacement for ozone-depleting R22.

Gree Super Free Match has DC Inverter tecnology as a result is capable of 30% to 40% energy savings

With the Inverter technology in the Air Conditioning systems, one can benefit from higher efficiency. When the AC reaches its temperature, the system slows down using less electricity with less consumption and it keeps your room at the preferred temperature.


  • INTELLIGENT DEFROSTING Maximize warm comfort with shorter defrosting time. Traditional defrosting works by setting time. Example: defrosting is only performed when needed, which reduces energy waste by eliminating the unnecessary defrosting process.
  • TIMER: the timer causes the ac to start or stop working at specific times.
  • SELF-DIAGNOSIS: the units show error code automatically to the facilitate maintenance when it doesn’t work well.
  • DEHUMIDIFIER: This feature reduces and maintains the level of humidity in the air,
  • INTELLIGENT AUTO: When the power is off and then on, the unit automatically restores the previous function setting.
  • AUTO RESTART: Auto clean Function will prevent growth of harmful micro-organisms by eliminating the moisture inside of the indoor unit.

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