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Safeguard your family and customers by sterilizing and purifying indoor air  

GREE PRO Air Purifier provides protection against Coronavirus (COVID-19) and other viruses. The elimination rate of the coronavirus in the air is ≥99.99%  and effectively blocks the virus transmission by air, it also removes all kinds of particulate matters. Discover more!






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GREE PRO Air Purifier eliminates 99.99% of the coronavirus and the other viruses.

Sterilize and purify your indoor air and provide safe respiratory protection during the Pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19),

The new Gree PRO Air Purifier was tested in CT Examination Room of Wuhan Jinyintan as after 1 hour of the operation, the nucleic acid content of novel coronavirus (CT value 39) was significantly lower than that before purification (CT36.4) meaning that the elimination rate of virus in the air was more than 99% so the virus content in the air decreased by at least 10 fold which indicates that the air purifier had a significant elimination effect on Novel Coronavirus in the air.

This product has a compact design and adjustable to use in residential and commercial spaces such as:

  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Business Centers
  • Offices
  • Shopping Centers
  • Households such as apartments, homes etc…
  • Schools
  • Restaurants & Bars

Sterilize and purify your indoor air; provide a safe respiratory protection during the Pandemic of Coronavirus (COVID-19)











The First Safeguard: CEP Plasma Constant Efficiency Purification Technology

  1. Initial Filter : Filtrate hair, air-borne particles, coarse particles, etc.
  2. Generation Pole: Plasma is formed and ion wind is generated kill or decompose harmful substances, e.g. bacteria; charge the particles to collect and absorb them.
  3. Collection Pole: Collect harmful substance, as dust, dead bacteria.
  4. Ozone Revival Screen: Revive the residual ozne into fresh air.


The technology uses corona discharge to produce plasma, which destroys bacteria and viruses and inactivates them. The inactive bacteria and viral debris are collected together.

The second safeguardHEPA13 filter, with high-efficiency filtration

The air purifier equipped with HEPA 13 filter which has a  high graded efficiency filtration ≥99.95%



The third safeguard: High-temperature inactivation by a smart precise temperature control system

Gree's self-developed smart temperature control system can accurately control the temperature, keeping the surface of the filter at a high temperature of above 56 °C to eliminate the Coronavirus.



  • Tri Color indicator shows air quality as very good, general and bad.
  • HEPA Filter Replace Reminder Indicator
  • Deoxidize Filter Replace Indicator
  • ON-OFF control for tri-color indicator
  • PM 2.5 digital display
  • 4 operation modes as: high, medium, low and auto.

High speed: Reduces the virus in the air quickly  and the noise is 58.2dB(A)

Mid speed: Reduces the virus and clean the air

Low speed: The noise is lower than 33.4 dB(A)






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