Gree KSF-295 Upright Freezer

495.00 350.00

Gree KSF-295 Upright Freezer is a  single door Refrigerator is full defrost & all freezer. This refrigerator is available with vertical handled, full range temperature control, adjustable front feet with 7 compartments.

Gree KSF-295 Upright Freezer

  • Full defrost & all freezer
  • Vertical handle
  • Outside condenser & clean back (optional)
  • Reversible door
  • Full-range temperature control
  • Adjustable front feet
  • Knock-down door gasket
  • With 7 compartments
  • Energy-saving & low noise (42db sound level)
  • 2 years of warranty (Terms & Conditions Apply)

Removable door gasket

Be convenient for maintenance and cleaning.




Micro-hole foaming technology

Adopt Italian foaming machine and C5H10 eco-friendly materials. The foaming layer is even and fine, with good heat preservation performance.


External handle

Adopt humanized external handle for free life enjoyment, complying with human engineering principle.



Galvanized steel plate back

The rear plate adopts galvanized steel for preventing corrosion and rust.

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