Gree GMV6 Heat Recovery (HR)

GREE GMV6 HR  can realize “cooling, heating, water heating” at the same time and provide comprehensive solutions for the multiple demands for ultimate energy-efficient air conditioning and heating systems.



*5 Years Parts & Labour, subject to a periodical maintenance agreement. Any system. If no mandatory periodical maintenance agreement – 3 years Parts and Labour


Gree GMV6 Heat Recovery (HR)

GMV 6 HR Series integrates multiple functions of cooling, heating, water heating, floor heating and heat supply, featuring powerful functions and convenient operation.

The units adopt multiple leading technologies such as

  • High-Efficiency Enthalpy Adding System
  • CAN+ Communication Technology
  • Energy Saving Technology
  • Intelligent Control Technology
  • Healthy Fresh Air Solution

Gree GMV6 HR can achieve a wide operation range of -25℃~55℃, which can be applicable for homes, villas, offices, business centers and all types of commercial premises.

Watch this video to learn more about GREE GMV6 Heat Recovery.

Excellent performance

  • Multiple functions in one unit
  • SCHE up to 9.0
  • High-efficiency low-temp enthalpy-adding technology
  • New type heat exchanger design
  • Intelligent control
  • New generation intelligent defrosting

Intelligent control and management

  • GREE Remote Monitoring System
  • GREE Wireless Remote Monitoring System
  • GREE  Intelligent Billing System
  • Multiple protocol gateways
  • Local centralized control solution

Clean and healthy fresh air 

  • Fresh Air system
  • ERV system
  • ERV + DX coil
  • High-efficiency Filter

Stability and reliability

  • CAN+ communication technology
  • Self-adapting drive control technology
  • Oil quality control technology
  • Oil circuit management technology
  • Compact structure
  •  Super wide operating range

Adaptable and flexible

  •  Large capacity, compact design
  • Super high static pressure
  • Long connection pipe, large drop difference
  • Quick installation design
  • High degree of installation adaptability

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