GREE Aovia Dehumidifier


GREE Aovia Dehumidifiers available in 16 litres and 24 litres.







GREE Aovia Dehumidifier can help you to:

  • Improve your health
  • Dry your clothes inside the house
  • Eliminate mold & moisture
  • Make your home better
  • Reduce heating costs

High humidity can lead to bacterial colonies growing on moist walls and floors of your home. This is because
airborne microbes are responsible for the appearance of respiratory infections and allergies, especially in vulnerable groups
such as children and the elderly.

Also, increased moisture is responsible for the formation of mold in bathrooms, ceilings and walls, unpleasant odors and
damaged wooden floors and furniture (mold in clothes, wardrobe etc.).












1. Concise Intelligent Control Panel

  • Light transmission display of membrane
  •  Clear functional partition
  • Convenient touch button operation

2.Wi-fi Long Distance Intelligent Control

  • Download the Gree+ App to operate the unit at anytime from anywhere.

3.Healthy Filters Optional

  • Adopt healthy filters according to different demands, eco-friendly and easy operation.

4. Voice Control

  • Intelligently operate your unit just by interacting with Google Assistant or Alexa

5.Easy Disassembly

  • With door switch, grille is easy for disassembly and cleaning.

6.R290 Safety Protection

  • Using R290 as a refrigerant is ozone-friendly and has no direct effect on the greenhouse effect.

7. Multiple Protection for High Safety                   


8. 36dB Ultra-low Noise

Quiet centrifugal blade matching with streamline air duct for ultra-low noise.

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