Gree ALL DC Inverter Modular Type Scroll Chillers

Gree ALL DC Inverter Modular Type Scroll Chillers consist of three models of 35kW, 60kW and 65kW.


Gree ALL DC Inverter Modular Type Scroll Chillers consist of three models of 35kW, 60kW and 65kW.

These modular type scroll chillers can be widely used for newly built and retrofitted large and small-sized industrial and residential air conditioning projects, such as:

  • Homes & Apartments (Residential use)
  • Hotels, restaurants, office buildings, shopping malls, theaters&cinemas, shopping malls, gyms, factories, hospitals  (Commercial use)

Chillers Specifications

1.All DC inverter technology to assure high efficiency and energy saving 

  • SEER up to 4.6, SCOP up to 3.9
  • Under low loads, the unit will first lower the frequency and then stop the unit so as to prevent starting and stopping the unit frequently, which will lead to having high efficiency and energy-saving result.

2. Ultra-quiet operation

For the model of 65KW, operation noise lower to 65dB(A)

  • Active noise reduction with large-sized plastic fans blades
  • Passive noise reduction: noise isolation design for the compressor, silent operation, optimized fan design

3. Wide operation

  • Cooling -15 °C ~52℃ (throughout the year)
  • Heating -20℃~40℃

4. Easy Installation

  • The shiftwork function can be automatically activated for extending the service life of the water pump.
  • The unit can be installed at the interlayer, requiring no cooling tower, boiler, and machine room, which can reduce greatly the installation cost.
  • When 16 units are modularized together, the installation area of the variable-frequency units are reduced by 47.64% compared with the fixed-frequency units with the same cooling capacity

5. Environment Friendly

  • Equivalent CO2 emission can be reduced by  about 28.6 ton/year

6. Saving Mode 

  • Automatically calculates the required load based on the outdoor environment temperature and the water temperature is not required to be set manually so that the total energy consumption will be greatly reduced.

7. Smart Control

  • 4.3-inch display
  • Anti-corrosion structure
  • Touch screen for simple and quick operation;
  • Up to 10 pieces of error records displayed on the same page
  • The unit can be turned on/off through a remote key operation to maximize convenience for the users.

8. Complete Protections

  • Anti freeze protection
  • Overloading protection
  • Low pressure protection
  • High pressure protection
  • High discharge protection
  • Phase loss/reversal protection

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