Gree Air to Water Split Type Heat Pump Water Heater


Gree Air To Water Heat Pumps take thermal energy from the outside air.  The product drives the compressor by some electricity by the heat pump principle.   The Air to Water Heat Pump consumes much less power. Compared with other kinds of water heaters, the operation cost for air source water heater is only 1/4 of that for electric water heater, 1/3 of gas water heater and 7/10 of solar power water heater for heating the same volume of water to the same temperature.

The design for the wired controller is reasonable and the operation is simple.

Government Grant up to €1000 available!





Gree Air to Water Split Type Heat Pump offers a sufficient hot water to ensure a warm and comfortable life. Its installation is convenient and applicable for a family of 3 to 5 members.

The product consists of an outdoor unit, a water tank of 185 L wired controller, a refrigerant pipe and a water pipe. Air to Water Heat Pump provides hot water to users for household use.

It has wide operating range of -25 ° C to 45 ° C and uses refrigeration technology.

Advantages of the Air to Water Heat Pump

  • No gas poisoning – water temperature and water flow are unstable
  • Energy-saving  – Less electricity bills
  • Safe, environment friendly and comfortable – No pollution
  • Installation – Convenient
  • Praticability – Big Water Supply volume and ideal for large families
  • Service Life of Equipments – 15 Years
  • Operation Costs – Lowest








Product Features

High-efficiency and Energy-saving

Safety and eco-friendly

Water and electricity are separated to avoid possible electric shock. Without possible toxicities of CO, user’s safety can be ensured. No pollutant is released during operation, so there is no damage to the environment.

Reliable and durable

Adopting special compressor, the unit is resistant to high temp. and pressure. The water tank adopts advanced enamel-glass-lined inner container with magnesium sticks. The entire unit is with multiple protection functions to ensure long lifespan of the system.

Easy installation

Without limitation of environment, the unit can be installed in kitchen, garage, stock room or basement. It is also suitable for skyscrapers, villa, and so on.

Easy operation

Water temperature can be set. Water supply can be on or off depending on water temperature and water consumption, so that hot water can be supplied at any time. Unit on/off can be set by user according to requirements (the unit will stop once water temperature reaches the setting point). Running of unit in electric platy kurtosis is possible to reduce electricity fee.

Intelligent defrosting

The unit with anti-freezing and intelligent defrosting functions can efficiently prevent freezing and frosting.

All-day use

The unit can make and supply hot water all day in despite of night, overcast and rainy days.




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