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Bosch Vertical Immersed Tronic 2000T Electric Water Heaters have glass-ceramic protection, for increased water hygiene in the boiler and protection against corrosion. Modern design, available in cylinder volumes from 10 to 100 liters – standard model.







13 Available


Bosch Tronic 2000T Bottom Immersed Electric Water Heaters available in 10 liters.

The new-generation Bosch Electric storage water heaters made with German engineering of exceptional quality, offer a reliable supply of
hot water.

Every Bosch Tronic water heater tank is covered from the inside with layers of a unique glass- ceramic developed in the Bosch Laboratory.

The coating easily resists changes in pressure and temperature creating a more durable, longer lasting water heater.

This technology prevents water contamination at all times even when not in use.







Energy Label - Bosch Tronic 2000T Bottom Immersed Electric Water Heater 10L







Security in every way

Tronic 2000 T provides security in every way, as it has a built-in safety thermostat for protection against water overheating in the boiler, a thermostat for temperature adjustment and a non-return safety valve.







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