ALEO 410W PV System

More power on your roof.

High-Efficiency Aleo 410W Watt Solar Panels and manufactured in Germany and crafted in passion. With 25 years of product and performance warranty.  A Free Onsite consultation with a 3D Design for performance optimization.



High Efficiency ALEO Solar (PV) Panels

With limited available space, efficiency is the key. More power from the nominated surface area is derived from the key criteria of solar panel efficiency.

High Efficient use of sunlight and excellent weak light behavior due to unique combination of module components.

PID free

PID tested with excellent results under the harshest conditions.

Extensive quality management

Production according to international quality and environmental standards, such as ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 as well as strict internal examinations.

Constantly high cell quality

Through strict quality examinations by high-resolution electroluminescence and infrared measurements.

Cell Material is Monocrystalline

The Cell Material is Monocrystalline with front sheet of Solar glass (TSG) and Back sheet of Polymer sheet (white) and the frame for this series is Al alloy, Silver.

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GENERATE MORE POWER: Shows extremely high resistance to degradation phenomena (PID & LeTID).

EXTREMELY WEATHER RESISTANT: Certified to withstand 8100 Pa Snowload & 3600 Pa Windload & 40 mm Hailstones (Hail-Class 4).

POWERFUL IN ALL ENVIRONMENTS: Certified to perform in coastal areas (salt-mist), deserts (dust), and farmland (ammonia).

PACKED FOR SAFE TRANSPORT: Packed upright, avoiding the emergence of microcracks and thus ensuring factory quality at the place of delivery.

MAXIMUM USE OF SPACE: LEO-Panels with 108 & 96 cells can be combined without add-ons. For maximum energy generation on the roof.

A SUSTAINABLE CHOICE: A premium product, which lasts for decades. Manufactured according to rigid environmental standards. Produced with 100% green electricity.



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