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The new Solar Kit from Junkers lets you combine your gas-water heater or gas-combination boiler with every solar-heated storage tank or thermo siphon. You don’t have to buy a special solar appliance – the Solar Kit already includes all the necessary components. In the future, you will enjoy a doubly good feeling when you shower: you’ll have plenty of comfortably warm water, and you’ll know that it has been heated by an optimally environmentally friendly system.

Scenario 1 – Temperature equal / higher than presetting

If the water temperature from the Solar tank is equal or higher than 45ºC the Solar kit supplies directly to the domestic hot water. Appliance keeps off

Scenario 2 – Temperature below presetting

If the water temperature from the Solar tank is less than 45ºC the Solar kit reroutes the water to the appliance. The appliance heats up the water with the normal and the mixing valve cools down to 45ºC


  • Prevents scalding by mixing the temperature down to 45ºC
  • Prevents damaging the appliance
  • No need to buy a specific solar appliance
  • Avoids peaks caused by ON/OFF cycles
  • Appliance only works if temperature is below the setting
  • When bypassing, water flow gets not lost by appliance deviation
  • Proven solar compatibility with proper DHW comfort
  • Savings costs                                             
  • less gas due to proper DHW comfort (appliances keeps off)
  • less maintenance due to less appliance working hours

  •  Best-in-class warm-water comfort due to universal solution with bypass function.
  •  Usable with all gas water heaters and gas combination boilers.
  •  Immediately operable.
  •  Easy to install thanks to a spacer which permits installation over obstacles.
  • Easy maintenance thanks to removable front cover and easy access to three-way valves and construction– Option to use solar energy now or in the future.

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