Gree VRF Compact 4 Way Cassette Type Indoor Unit

Gree 4-way Cassette devices are designed to work in both large commercial and small office spaces, thanks to a wide power range (2.8 kW – 16.0 kW). Unified device dimensions (length / width), built-in condensate pump and universal panels make them easy to assemble and blend in practically in any suspended ceiling. Equipped with energy-efficient components and a quiet operation function, they allow users to maintain full comfort. Thanks to the possibility of choosing many controllers, they are all convenient and easy to use.

Completely automated work, 4-sided air supply, 3 speeds of rotation of the fan, strong circulating streams of air of cooling or heating allowing “to reach” all corners of the room even if height of a ceiling is more than standard.

The direction of giving of an air stream can change from 30 ° to 60 ° for uniform distribution of air temperature.



*5 Years Parts & Labour, subject to a periodical maintenance agreement. Any system. If no mandatory periodical maintenance agreement – 3 years Parts and Labour


4-way cassette VRF indoor units can be matched with Mini VRF or Modular VRF outdoor units. Which comes with an Infra-red remote controllers as standard and Wired wall mounted controller as an optional.

The capacity to control units individually through smartphones.

Range :2.8kW [ 9,554 BTU/hr] to 16.0 kW [ 54,592 BTU/hr]

Strong and Balanced Airflow:

Unit features auto operation, 4-way airflow, 7 fan speeds and strong circulating airflow.

DC inverter motor:

With good speed regulation performance, motor efficiency improved by 30% vs. normal motor.

Ultra-noise operation:

DC inverter motor can realize step less speed regulation to lower noise. Indoor unit can be set to work under auto quiet mode via a wired controller.

Intelligent drainage device

Water lift up to a height of 1000mm, which can effectively drain out condensing water and save space.

Protection function

Water overflow protection, anti-freezing protection, temperature sensor malfunction protection, fan motor overload protection.

Washable Filter

Unit comes with a regenerable/ re washable filters which makes maintenance easier.

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