Green roof

Hon. Minister Aaron Farrugia, visited BT Commercial LTD to know about the Watercourse Green rooftop project.

The project called The Living Roof of Tomorrow is a multi-functional green space for the benefit of the Watercourse employees and users.

Based on Biophilic Design which seeks to connect the inherent need to affiliate with nature in the modern built environment. A stream of the theory of biophilia, biophilic design, recognizes that for the majority of our species’ evolution has occurred through an adaptive response to the natural world rather than artificially manmade forces. Therefore, we are biologically encoded to associate with natural features and processes which remain instrumental to peoples’ wellbeing in terms of both physical and mental health.

The spatial context of the sustainable roof incorporates areas which can be used by the employees and users, the new staggered green pockets and turfed areas allow for unobvious seating for its users, giving them the opportunity to be immersed within the greenery rather than having specific and generic seating.

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