new government grant
ALEO Photovoltaic panel systems (solar panels) covered by of 10.5 cents per unit and guaranteed for 25 years.
Up to  € 3.000 grant will be provided by the Maltese government. Be part of the solar revolution!
Solar panels are an investment that works for you 12 hours a day or more depending on the sunlight available. BT Commercial have specialized people that are trained to determine if a PV System is feasible for you or not. The Aleo Solar PV systems designed and manufactured in Germany and have been manufacturing solar panels since 2001.
Distinguished by first-class workmanship using high-quality components from well-known manufacturers. ALEO is using larger cells. Thanks to the new design with larger cells, we achieve a 3 to 4 percent higher output craftsmanship. Made in Germany. Products you can trust for the next 25 years.
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ALEO and BT Commercial provides:
  • 25 years of  product and manufacturer warranty
  • Reliable and sustainable after-sales service
  • Free onsite and design support
More Power. More Yield with high-efficiency solar panels made in Germany.

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