ALEO Solar Panels

Unparalled First Class Craftmanship. Designed and Manufactured in Germany.

Solar panels are the investment to protect the environment, reduce your electricity bills, and create revenue.

This means that the efficiency with which your solar panels (known as photovoltaic panels) generates energy, its durability and requirement for parts and repairs will have a big impact on whether this turns out to be a good investment or not.

When choosing a solar panel system, durability and reliability are key to make your investment pay you in returns. In order to make sure you’re investing in a durable long-lasting product you need to take the following into consideration:

  1. Place of Manufacture.
  2. Quality and Origin of the Parts.
  3. Inverter Efficiency.
  4. Warranty
  5. Parts Availability.
  6. Service Levels of your supplier (ISO certification).
  7. Structure of the mounting system.How to decide what you actually need.

ALEO is the first class and best quality brand which is manufactured and design in Germany. BT Commercial is providing 25 years of product and performance warranty with reliable and best after sales services.

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