BT Commercial is excited to announce that all residential wall-mounted and floor-standing air conditioners now benefit from a 7-YEAR WARRANTY.

As a leader in the air conditioning industry in Malta, BT Commercial redefines the customer-centric approach.

BT Commercial is offering a 7 – YEAR worry-free WARRANTY when purchasing any residential air conditioning system.

This industry-leading 7-year warranty brings in greater levels of quality assurance and value across the board for BT Commercial customers.

BT Commercial strongly believes in the quality of its products and stands behind all of them with a promise that the products will always perform to the customers’ satisfaction.

Our warranties offer long-term protection of products thus the customer will have peace of mind when it comes to the coverage of parts and service.

The scope of the new 7-YEARS warranty includes
  1. No personal contribution by the customer to any repair costs.
  2. Long Term obligation by the company to cover product failure within the warranty period
  3. Parts sustainability and availability within the warranty period and post-warranty period.
  4. Best Support during Warranty period and after expiry.


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