What are the benefits of Solar Energy?



Solar panels cut electricity bills by converting free, renewable sunlight into usable energy. By generating your own electricity, you reduce reliance on traditional sources and offset grid power purchases, leading to lower bills. Excess electricity can even be fed back into the grid, further reducing or eliminating costs.



Invest in solar panels to boost your property value. With energy-saving & eco-friendly features, solar-equipped homes are in demand. Buyers seek sustainable living options, & solar panels offer long-term cost reductions & modernized energy infrastructure. Make a smart investment and increase the desirability of your property.



Make a sustainable choice with solar panels, harnessing renewable sunlight without emissions. By installing solar panels, you can actively reduce your carbon footprint, combat climate change, and contribute to environmental preservation. Embrace a greener future and invest in solar panels.

Why buy Solar Panels from BT Commercial?

BT Commercial offers top-quality, cost-effective systems for your home or business. Our mission is to enhance the lives of companies and homeowners by reducing energy bills, increasing reliance on clean renewable energy, and delivering exceptional customer experiences. With our expertise in sales and high-quality installations, we make clean energy accessible to all.
Choose BT Commercial for the best solar panels, backed by reliable after-sales service and an impressive 30-year warranty, built upon over 20 years of dedicated solar experience.


Our Promise

Personalized Service – Our expert Solar Advisors offer one-on-one consultants to guide you through all the complexities and details of solar-from understanding your energy bills to installation and more.
Efficient products
Reliable After-sales service
No Deposit
Free onsite inspection and consultation
Free render design

High efficient Solar Panels:
Manufactured with top quality materials and components

Introducing the new Smart String
Energy Storage system by Huawei

Huawei’s Luna Battery is your flexible energy solution. With 5 KW modules, it’s easy to expand as needed. Its compact design saves space, and it works seamlessly with the Huawei Backup Box, ensuring uninterrupted power during grid failures. Stay powered up with Huawei Luna Battery.

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